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Steamfarer is a very cool steampunk RPG in which you explore, recruit crewmembers, collect loot and take part in tactical turn based combat with your upgradable airship.

Steamfarer feels a lot like a traditional JRPG, with strategic turn based combat, XP, a large world to explore, loot, upgrades and lots of customization options. The main difference with Steamfarer though is that you don’t control an individual character – you control the whole airship, which makes makes for a very different gameplay experience.

Even in these early stages of development, Steamfarer is a highly polished and easily accessible experience. The turn based combat is reminiscent of Final Fantasy’s active time battle system and also feels a little like the ship to ship combat in FTL: Faster Than Light at times. As you progress you can build new ships and kit them out with all manner of cool upgrades that will really help when you come face to face with a boss (and their much tougher ‘epic’ versions).

It’s a great looking game, with some satisfyingly strategic turn based combat and an interesting steampunk world to explore. If FTL was a JRPG it’d play a lot like Steamfarer – a well crafted airborne RPG that you won’t regret setting sail with.

Download The Steamfarer Alpha Build Here (Windows)

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