SteamVR Home – Open Beta (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

Steam VR Home Beta

SteamVR Home is a new Oculus Home-style virtual hub world that you launch games from, but adds the ability to fully customise the environment and socialise with friends.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are pretty much neck and neck as far as hardware goes, but one area that the Oculus has trumped the Vive so far is Oculus Home, which offers a stylish and intuitive virtual hub for purchasing and playing games. SteamVR Home redresses the balance and then some, with a detailed and highly customisable ecosystem that allows you to access games, create custom avatars, hang with friends, use quick links, and use sculpting tools and SteamVR Workshop to turn your hub into the coolest place in the virtualverse.

To opt into the SteamVR Home Beta, just open Steam in your desktop, Select SteamVR in your Library under the ‘Tools’ tab, right click it and select ‘properties’, then select are Betas tab and choose SteamVR from the Dropdown.

You Can Find More Info on The SteamVR Home Beta Here