Steel Assault – Alpha Demo

Steel Assault is a 16-bit styled retro arcade action game where you run, jump, whip, shoot and zip-line your way through intense action packed levels.

Harkening back to classic arcade games like the Metal Slug and Contra, Steel Assault is a retro action platformer that’s full of bombastic action. In the game you take on the role of a resistance soldier who uses an electrified whip and a deployable zipline to fight his way through hordes of enemies and challenging bosses, with an aim of overthrowing an evil dictator.

The current demo build is fairly short but it’s a lot of fun and offers a nice amount of challenge (particularly if you play on Arcade Mode). It starts with you standing atop a gunboat as it races along a river, blasting enemies as they try to attack, and the game doesn’t let up from there. You need to learn enemy attack patterns and master your timing to survive as the game assaults you with a wide variety of enemies and hazards from start to finish.

It’s pure adrenaline-fuelled retro arcade action backed up with some fantastic pixel art animation and a rocking soundtrack. If this was sat next to a Metal Slug arcade cabinet back in the day, SNK’s classic wouldn’t have got a look in. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Steel Assault Alpha Demo Here (Steam)