Steel Circus – Open Beta

Steel Circus has now entered open Alpha on Steam, so now everyone can join in the fast paced, futuristic 3v3 handball-esuqe sporting fun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha key giveaways, Steel Circus is a handball-esque 3v3 arena sports game that takes place in the year 2035 and sees various factions competing acainst each other for glory in the Steel Circus Championships. The Championships take place while the Solar Council engage in peace talks and play a vital part in maintaining a fragile alliance between the various factions.

The gameplay in Steel Circus is fast paced and fun, with teams of three attempting to outscore each other in futuristic arenas. There are six characters in the current build (three of which are unlockable), each of which have their own unique skills that make them useful for different areas of the field. This makes teamwork key as you compete for the glory of your faction and loot that can be used to unlock new customization items.

Download The Steel Circus Open Alpha Here (Steam)