STEELPIPE – Beta Download

STEELPIPE is an intense retro styled first person horror game where you work late into the night to upgrade your company’s servers, while a homicidal maniac stalks the building.

In STEELPIPE you are an average underpaid employee of STEELPIPE Incorporated. You’ve volunteered to stay late and upgrade the company’s servers overnight, which would be an easy joy if it wasn’t for three things – the power keeps cutting out, the servers keep going down and there’s a homicidal maniac stalking the office intent on battering you to death with a (you guessed it) steel pipe!

To keep the server upgrade going you need to fix the servers as they go down and flip the circuit breaker when the power goes out. The servers and the circuit breaker are at opposite sides of the building though, so you need to go back and forth, all the while being careful to avoid the steel pipe-wielding maniac. If he does spot you then you still have a chance to survive if you find a place to hide (such as under a desk or between the servers), but if he does get his hands on you then you’re dead meat.

STEELPIPE is a fairly simple horror game, but a very effective one, with a terrifying antagonist, fast paced stealth horror gameplay and a great sense of atmosphere. The retro styled visuals work well and the audio design is particularly effective, with great little touches like the overpowering hum of the servers and the way you can pinpoint where the psycho is by the sound of his footsteps. See if you can escape the STEELPIPE offices or just end up with a steel pipe embedded in your skull! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download STEELPIPE Here (Windows)