Steep – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & Steam)


Steep is Ubisoft’s beautiful looking massively multiplayer extreme sports game that allows players to explore entire mountains on skis, snowboards, paragliders and wingsuits.

The Steep Open Beta client is now available to download via Steam, PSN and the Xbox Store, and will go live tomorrow, with an entire French mountain to explore, jump off, ski down and pull off all manner of gnarly stunts on. The gameplay (during the Closed Beta) didn’t quite reach the adrenaline fuelled heights of the SSX games, but the pure scale of the game is certainly impressive.

As well as offering customisation options for the characters, you can also create your own routes down the mountain and set challenges for others, or just try and beat it’s pre-made challenges. The entire mountain really is yours to explore – if you can see it you can go there, and you can use skis, wingsuits, paragliders and snowboards to get you there. Each mode of transport handles quite differently and can take a little getting used to, but they each offer unique ways to experience the mountain and conquer it’s slopes.

It’s an ambitious project, that comes close to offering a truly authentic feeling alpine experience. Some of the handling could do with tightening up, but the pure beauty and scale of the mountain is breathtaking at times. The Open Beta client is available to download now, and will go live tomorrow (18th Nov), so download it now, we’ll see you on the slopes!

Download the Open Beta Client via SteamXbox Store and PSN (Goes Live 18th Nov)