Stellar Wanderer – Game Jam Build Download

stellar wanderer

Stellar Wanderer is is a fun FTL-esque adventure that see’s you piloting your ship across a strange galaxy, exploring planets, meeting alien life forms  and making discoveries that can be advantageous or deadly.

You roam around the galaxy with direct control of your ship, then disembark on planets to see it there’s anything useful for your cause.  Each planet usually has one or two landmarks or life forms for you to interact with.  When you encounter something, you’ll get a choice of actions, some sensible, some rather silly (such as suplexing a dead body).

You’ll most likely cause a few red shirts to die during your adventure, but it’s worthwhile trying different things as some can offer up some pleasantly surprising results (if only for the many funny ways for you to lose crewmembers).  Find enough loot and treasure and you’ll even be able to buy supplies and upgrades from the local space station.

Featuring a great soundtrack, charming pixel art animation and a wonderful sense of humor it’s a joy exploring the galaxy of Stellar Wanderer.  A superbly silly space oddity.

Download Stellar Wanderer HERE (Windows Only)