STHELL – Beta Demo

STHELL is an intense Sci-Fi FPS where you attempt to survive for as long as possible as hordes of robots swarm you in on a small patch of swampland that was once a test site for experimental weapons.

In STHELL you find yourself in a long forgotten test site for a weapons company called Kiraton Industries. Your presence there has activated huge hordes of robots that have been left to rust for decades. You now need to keep moving and shooting as you try to survive the robot hordes. You start with a simple pistol, but as you progress you can find more powerful weapons to aid your battle.

The guns are oddly held quite high in the air which means you can hardly see any of the right side of the screen when using the bigger guns, but other than that STHELL is a lot of fun. Much like Devil Daggers, the action is non-stop until you die, with you running, darhing and blasting your way through the robotic hordes. See how long you can survive!

Download The STHELL Beta Demo Here (Steam)