Sthlm Sunset – Student Game Download

Sthlm Sunset is a Horizon: Zero Dawn inspired open world action adventure where you fight back against a nefarious corporation that replaced all its workers with robots and chopped the legs off any workers that complained about it!

Created by a team of 30 students at The Game Assembly, Sthlm Sunset is a third person open world action adventure where you use your bow and an assortment of different types of arrow to make a stand against an evil corporation called SthlmCorp. The company has replaced all of its workers with robots, which may be more efficient and heavily armed, but they won’t be a match for an agile human with a bow!

It takes around 30 minutes to play through Sthlm Sunset and it impresses with its high quality visuals, interesting game world and fun action platforming gameplay. The bow is particularly enjoyable to use, with four different arrow types and a nice degree of precision and there are also some useful upgrades to collect as you go. The dialogue is in Swedish, but it’s not too important and all the UI and menus are in English anyway. See if you can make a stand against SthlmCorp!

Download Sthlm Sunset Here (Windows)