Stick it to the Stick Man – Prototype Download

Stick it to the Stick Man is a fantastic rogue-lite physics-based beat ‘em up where a disgruntled stickman office worker fights his way to the top of an office block to confront his boss.

Currently in development by Free Lives (creators of Broforce, Genital Jousting and GORN), Stick it to the Stick Man is a gloriously brutal physics based brawler where a stickman rebels against the system. You take control of a lowly office worker who has just got a low paying job in the depths of a large office block. It’s a crap job, the pay is bad and your boss is an a**hole, so you fight your way to the top of the building to and let your fists do the talking as you “negotiate” a pay rise.

The building and enemies you face in Stick it to the Stick Man are pretty much the same each time you play, but you unlock and upgrade a randomized selection of moves, much like in a roguelike. The combat system is very unique and easily accessible. You simply press the attack button to cycle through a set order of moves in a long combo.

The clever part is that as you climb the tower you unlock new moves and upgrades that you can add to that combo. You start off with simple kicks and punches and can end up pulling off hadoukens, bicycle kicks and spawning black holes. As you fight your way through the tower you’ll also unlock different starter characters with different starting movesets and perks.

Even in its current prototype form Stick it to the Stick Man is tons of fun and has plenty of content and replayability to keep you playing for some time. It’s very addictive, the combo system is very clever and it’s got a great sense of humor. A slapstick physics-based stickman brawler guaranteed to make you smile.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Stick it to the Stick Man Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)