Stick Together – Alpha Demo

Stick Together

Stick Together is a silly QWOP-like platforming adventure in which you control each of your characters sticky limbs independently as they attempt climb increasingly complex obstacles.

Playable with one to four players on gamepads or mobile devices, you must guide your character across obstacles and hazards to the exit.  Each of the color coded arms are mapped to a controller face button, so you just press that button then use the left analogue stick to move that appendage.  Releasing the face button will stick the corresponding hand or foot to whatever it is touching – allowing you to climb walls like Spiderman (though far less graceful!)  This is fairly hard in single player but absolute chaos in multiplayer, leading to much shouting and heated ‘discussion’.

The Stick Together Alpha Demo features seven levels of limb flopping hilarity, over which you’ll be constantly surprised by the ability of your little stickman.  He may not be the most graceful of movers, but he sure can climb!

Check Out The Stick Together Greenlight Page HERE

Play Stick Together In a Browser HERE (May Not Work With Internet Explorer)