Sticky Boy – Student Project Download


Sticky Boy is a wonderfully wacky action platformer in which you control a boy who can instantly ragdoll and stick his hands and feet to the scenery, using it to propel him across the land in search for coffee beans to impress the village elder.

Sticky Boy plays like a normal action platformer game, with obstacles and lots of collectibles, but there’s one big difference – at any time you can press the left and right triggers to instantly ragdoll and stick your hands and feet to whatever surface they’re touching. This sticky skill of yours can be used to stick to walls, roofs and a wide range of moving objects as you attempt to gather coffee beans for the village elder.

It’s a pleasure playing around in the vibrant and joyful world of Sticky Boy, and discovering all the inventive uses for his sticky talents, from abseiling down cliffs to propelling him around a giant pinball table. You can play through the game in around 20 minutes, but to truly impress your village elder you’ll need to collect all the coffee beans, which will take a while longer – which is perfect as you’ll want explore this superb sticky adventure for as long as you can anyway!

Important Note: If the download doesn’t work, check your pop-up notifications (top right hand corner of the screen in Chrome)

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Sticky Boy Here (Control Pad Recommended)