Stifled – Beta Demo (Steam)


Stifled is a very tense first person horror adventure set in a pitch black game world where you ‘see’ with sound and thanks to the clever use of microphones, the monsters can literally hear your fear.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, a tense horror adventure created by DigiPen Institute of Technology students in which you used sound waves to ‘see’ your way through the game world. Stifled builds upon this premise to create a finely crafted horror adventure slice of horror that will literally have you holding your breath as enemies draw near.

As you venture into the darkness of Stifled, the only way you can see if by using a form of echolocation, creating noises with your microphone, making your character speak or by throwing objects to create sound waves that highlight your surroundings. It’s a very cool system and it’s great fun watching the sound waves break over the environment. The only problem is that there are monsters lurking in the darkness too – and they hunt by sound! To progress you’ll need to use stealth, distractions and quick thinking.

The Stifled Beta Demo offers up a short teaser for things to come, and although there’s no real peril, it’s still a tense and deeply atmospheric experience. You can play with or without microphone (though with is better), and on standard screens or VR. And thanks to the black and white nature of the game it’s one of the few first person VR enabled games with a traditional movement scheme that won’t make you violently sick! A slick, stylish and very creepy walk in the dark.

Note: If you like the Stifled Beta Demo we highly recommend playing Lurking (it’s predecessor), and checking out the full game when it releases on Steam next month (13th December).

Check Out a Stifled Gameplay Video Here

Download the Stifled Beta Demo Here (Steam)