Stones Of Sorrow is an ultra-violent action-roguelike based on historical cave paintings with cooldown based combat mechanics and buckets of blood (or paint).

The levels in Stones of Sorrow are all procedurally generated, with you having to pay a gatekeeper with gold to get lower into the cave.  You’ll find some of this gold scattered throughout the levels, but you’ll earn most of it through killing enemies.  This gold also comes in handy when you die, through a nice Rogue Legacy-style perks system that allows you to purchase upgrades that will aid your next playthrough.

Enemies tend to continually spawn from set locations, causing them to bunch up together in large groups which you can then run into and wipe out in a huge bloodbath.  You can also use bombs which can be bought from a shop, or grab and execute an enemy for a nice +666 gold bonus.  The combat system takes a little getting used to as every move (even crawl) has a cooldown period with a count-down at the bottom of the screen indicating when you can use them again.  Once you figure it out though, it’s great fun, and adds a tactical element to the fighting.


The current build is still early in development and contains 1 level, 1 weapon, 4 enemy types, 3 different executions on one enemy, 6 stat changing items, a trader, a gatekeeper and lots of violence.  The full game will contain at least 10 levels, 20 weapons, 15 brutal executions, 23 enemy types, 60 stat changing items, many different traders, eating corpses, weapon modifying and a story about a power struggle within an ancient tribe.

Coming to Windows, Mac & Linux, Stones of Sorrow has just started an IndieGoGo campaign with a very modest €4,000 Goal.  All contributors who pay €4 or more will get access to the full blood-soaked version when it’s released.

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Download the Alpha HERE