Stoneshard – Alpha Download

Stoneshard is an addictive, challenging and humorous open world roguelike dungeon crawler set in a vast monster-filled procedurally generated world.

Drawing inspiration from Diablo, ADOM and Darkest Dungeon, in Stoneshard you take on the role of a mercenary who, after receiving an offer he can’t refuse, sets out to vanquish a tyrannical king and bring peace to the land of Aldor. Along the way you’ll battle enemies, collect loot and assemble a caravan of followers, but there’s also a good chance you’ll die a lot – it’s a pretty tough game!

The current build of Stoneshard features a full prologue with around 2 to 3 hours worth of gameplay. It does a great job of introducing the game world and the easily accessible, but deep turn based combat system. There’s lots of useful loot to find, which can aid your progress, but you’ll also have to deal with physical and psychological traumas occurred during battle, as well as keeping your hero fed and watered.

Even in these early stages of development Stoneshard offers a well polished and addictive roguelike dungeon crawling experience. The 2D visuals have a lot of character and it really impresses with its fast paced turn based combat where every mistake you make can earn a premature death. A dark and dangerous roguelike dungeon crawler well worth delving into.

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Download The Stoneshard Alpha Here (Windows)

Special Thanks To Nokzen For The Heads Up About This Game