Store Revolt – Alpha Demo

Store Revolt is a quirky physics based local multiplayer party game that sees you causing carnage in a shopping mall as you hurl valuables into your mom’s cart while sabotaging your opponents.

Store Revolt is playable with one to four players (though it’s not nearly as much fun with just one player), with fully customizable characters and sees each player attempting to earn points by placing valuable items in their mom’s cart as she does her shopping. There’s lots of items to grab and put in the trolley, from trophies to trampolines, each with their own monetary value.

The shopping mall also has items, such as baseball bats, which you can use to knock out your opponents. Once knocked out you can steal the items they were carrying or you can pick up their unconscious ragdolling body and throw them into the cart to steal a big chunk of their points.

It’s a great game that’s full of physics based carnage and multiplayer hilarity. Smashing up a store is always fun but there’s a real joy to be had from knocking out an opponent, hurling them into the cart and stealing their points!

Download The Store Revolt Alpha Demo Here (Windows)