Stori – Student Project Game

Stori is a beautiful comic strip-styled single player dual character puzzle adventure that sees you manipulating the edges of comic book frames to solve puzzles and discover what happened to the ancient world you’re exploring.

In Stori you control a little forrest spirit and a large robot, which you can switch between controlling at the touch of a button. The forest spirit has the ability to add extra borders to the comic book frames that the game plays out in, with you able to use them as barriers or platforms to help pass obstacles. The robot on the other hand has the ability to destroy the borders around the frames, allowing you to pass through into other ones.

Some of the forest spirits frame-building mechanics can feel a little unnecessarily awkward at times, but it’s a clever little game, with great artwork and some very inventive puzzle design. The final puzzle area especially has some great pieces of game design that sees you completely altering the structure of the level/page. Highly recommended.

Important Note: The Controls are set up for an AZERTY keyboard by default, but it’s not a big deal. Just use ‘Q’ to move left instead of ‘A’.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Stori Here (Windows & Mac)