11 thoughts on “STORIUM, ALPHA SIGN-UP”

  1. This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to be able to try it. I don”t think I’ve heard of anything like it before.

  2. It sounds super fun, so looking forward to it. I love free roleplaying in the form of writing. One suggestion though: Maybe make it also work without a ‘game leader’, as in just let two or more people write roleplays together. As in, player A creates a ‘roleplay’ where he invites player B to join him. In this roleplay, they simply kickstart from a plot they’ve decided earlier (maybe through some mail service on the site) and now they simply roleplay against each other alone – aka write short or long fictions facing each other and let their characters interact with each other. I think this would allow people more freedom, as they could litteraly come up with any plot (lame high school romance, sci-fi battles, vampire meets a werewolf etc) and play along with it. Also, if they’d be able to get some sort of notifications whenever someone in their roleplay has posted something in the roleplay would be cool. :) Really excited for this, hope it works out!

  3. This sounds like the most amazing thing. You see, while my friends do tabletop RPG, they never invite me (except on special occasions). The problem is: I work fulltime, they’re studying at uni. Things are different.
    The last time I played in an online rpg was in 2008 with a friend. Playing with total strangers sounds amazing (if that is what it’s going to be). And it sounds like a thing that even a working person like me can do. When this comes to kickstarter I’ll definitely back it!

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