Stormthrone – Open Beta


Stormthrone is an expansive isometric fantasy MMORPG with gorgeous hand drawn animation, tons of loot, and a Diablo-esque mouse-based control style.

Featuring a UI which makes the game very easy to pick up and play, Stormthrone allows you to create a character from three races and six class-types, then sets you loose in Aeos, a world besieged by demons.  As you progress you’ll, level up (a lot), gain new abilities and collect powerful Aeon weapons.

There’s plenty of single player content, as well as multiplayer dungeons, PvP and social areas, all wrapped un in an intuitive interface.  The visual design and orchestral score really impress, drawing you into the huge world of Stormthrone – an isometric MMO of epic proportions.

Join in the Stormthrone Open Beta HERE