Story of the Mirror – Game Jam Build Download

Story of the Mirror is a creepy little PICO-8 based horror adventure where you step into a dark mirror world filled with the soulless reflections of your being.

Taking around 5-10 minutes to play through, Story of the Mirror is a bite sized horror adventure with a creepy FAITH-esque CGA/MS-DOS visual style. In the game you take control of a young boy who sets out in search of a mysterious mirror rumored to be hidden in the nearby woods. Finding the mirror isn’t too tough, but that’s the least of your troubles when you end up transported into a dark mirror realm full of soulless reflections of yourself. Perhaps if you manage to collect the three mysterious colored orbs, you may be able to make your escape.

It’s a simple, but well crafted little horror game that manages to squeeze a surprising amount of terror from its retro pixelart visuals and dark story. A creepy cursed mirror well worth peering into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Story of the Mirror Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)