Story Time With Grampum Peepmpop – Game Jam Build Download

storytime with grandpa

Story Time With Grampum Peepmpop is a very silly blend of pachinko and storytelling in which you play a slightly confused old man who has to remember stories and depart knowledge to his visiting grandchildren to keep them happy during a visit.

You’re an old man who just wants an easy life. Unfortunately for you though your grandchildren are coming to visit and they can be a real handful.. It’s up to you to keep them happy by telling them stories and departing words of wisdom, but you can’t quite remember all the facts, so along with a (very funny) manifestation of your conscience and your random pachinko machine of a brain you’ll just have to muddle through as best you can!

With each story you tell your grandchildren there are a lot of blanks representing the words you can’t remember You fill these in by dropping pachinko balls onto the red or green areas ate the bottom of the screen. The green areas represent nice, family friendly words, while the red areas are more adult in nature. It’s up to you to aim for the green areas and tell wholesome and happy stories (you really don’t want to be talking about your wife vagina in-front of your grandkids!)

Story Time With Grampum Peepmpop isn’t much to look at visually, but the writing and the random nature of the storytelling are superb. There are lots of silly random stories rattling around in that pachinko machine you call a brain!

Download Story Time With Grampum Peepmpop Here