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Stowaway is a wonderfully atmospheric Unreal Engine 4 powered first person horror adventure inspired by Outlast and Amnesia.

You are a stowaway on a Russian nuclear icebreaker, who after hiding out for a while, ventures out of their hiding place to find that all is not well on the NS Polaris.  Indeed the vessel seems abandoned, apart from some rather freaky looking individuals who are a little unfriendly (to say the least).

As you explore the grimy interior of the ship, it feels a lot like Outlast – a very tense game, with some well scripted jump scares and things moving when they shouldn’t.  The visual and audio design are both superb, the ships interior is full of nice little touches and the audio cues are particularly unnerving.

As you uncover more about the happenings on NS Polaris, you’ll really wish your character wasn’t such a cheapskate and just forked out the fair on a passenger ship.  This certainly isn’t a pleasure cruise, this Outlast at sea is tense, terrifying and terrific.  Happy Halloween!

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Download the Stowaway Alpha HERE

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  1. Sorry you are having issues with the game,
    It sounds like your firewall has deleted a file on download,
    we have also added mirrors to other websites to allow more chances to access the game

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