STRACO – Beta Download


STRACO, a game created by Pyric, is a 2D twin stick shooter tower defence hybrid in which you play a soldier who can pilot a variety of vehicles – from helicopters to massive heavily weaponized mechs.

visually STRACO is absolutely gorgeous. It has a feel of Playstation One games like Reloaded with its top down still. The tower defence elements really give you a new take on this style of gaming, giving you a new line of defence while you run around yourself blasting enemies with your own array of weapons. Not only do you play as a human unit you also have the ability to get into vehicles, ranging from lightly armoured cars to the heavily weaponised Walker units and even Helicopters. Throw in a bunch of abilities to heal, blow stuff up and shield your units and you have a recipe for chaos and destruction at your finger tips. With all these different methods of playing, you can end up spending hours just seeing what you could have done differently a second time around.

The tutorial itself has several option to pick from (Quick start, Long etc) so you can either learn a little or learn too much to help you guide your way to victory. The game is massively polished for its’ current state and is a massive enjoyment to play. It also turns out that this game was previously released on the Xbox Marketplace in three episodical parts. The PC port, once completed, will be all three episodes wrapped up in chaos fuelled carnage just waiting for you to sink your teeth into it.

Download the STRACO Beta Here