Stratform – Alpha Download

Stratform is a cleverly designed turn-based puzzle platformer that you control with just two buttons.

In Stratform you control a little pixelated man who can only step forwards or jump. Your character will automatically turn around if they hit a wall and you can drop straight down or move diagonally down through the air depending on where you press the jump or step button. Your movement (and later on the world around you) is turn-based so you won’t move or even fall unless you press something. The aim of each level is to reach the exit and you need to plan your movements and use your limited skill set to navigate them.

It’s a cleverly crafted game that manages to allow for some remarkably complex level design considering your character’s simple move-set. It takes a little while to wrap your head around the way your character behaves in the air, but that’s where a lot of the most inventive puzzle design comes in and it allows for some very tricky levels later on. Planning beats precision in this unique little puzzle platformer!

Play or Download The Stratform Alpha Here