Stray – Game Jam Build Download

stray game

Stray, a bite sized dungeon crawler made for the Love Jam, has you exploring a mysterious world, blasting enemies, collecting keys, solving puzzles and interacting with totems.

In Stray, you are able to explore a strange world, full of totems, blocks, and monsters. The totems are the first things you will come across. They make you feel safe when you run into them and work as check points it seems. Explore a little more and you’ll find a gun, which will help you fight the monsters in various rooms as well as break boxes to unblock paths.

The single screen rooms are quite small and have very little space to hide, so you will need to shoot the monsters quickly, or avoid them all together. Running away is often a good option, but some of the rooms are blocked by doors that need keys, which you can get by killing monsters or discovering them around each area. As you get deeper into the world, it becomes much more of a challenge to stay alive, so make sure you visit the totems!

Stray is pretty short, but it’s a fabulous little dungeon crawling adventure that offers a fast paced and cerebral dungeon crawling experience with a great sense of atmosphere – provided by the stylish pixel art visuals and ominous soundtrack. See what you can discover in this creepy little black and white world!

Download Stray Here (Win, Mac & Linux)