Strayation – Game Jam Build

Strayation is a surreal PS1-era styled third person horror adventure that feels like a bizarre descent into Lovecraftian madness, where walls shift, grotesque creatures hide and notes full of crazed scribblings adorn the walls.

Everything about Strayation feels wrong – you’re aiming feels weird, the textures on the walls shift as you move, the visuals are gloomy, the monsters are slow and the letters you find make no sense whatsoever. However, all these things actually works together to make a very freaky horror adventure that really gets under your skin.

The whole game takes around 10 minutes to play through and there’s not a lot of it that makes any sense narrative-wise, but it makes for a very unique horror adventure that feels like a descent into madness. The retro visual style works well and the audio helps to build a great sense of atmosphere. Well worth checking out for a slice of surreal and sanity-sapping retro horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Strayation Here (Windows)