Strayed Lights – Beta Demo

Strayed Lights is a visually stunning Souls-like third person action adventure that focuses on parry-based combat as a being of light has an awakening.

In Strayed Lights you are a tiny being of light who awakens in a dark oneric world full of mysterious creatures (some friendly, some not so friendly). The core combat is color and parry focused, with you able switch between two different color types, and if you parry attacks to the corresponding color then it charges your special attack gauge. Once your special gauge is fully charged you can unleash it to kill enemies in one hit. You can also unlock other attacks that allow you to just attack enemies normally, but by far the most effective way to deal with enemies is via the parry system.

Whether you enjoy Strayed Lights will likely be largely dependent on how keen you are on its parry-based combat. If you’re more of a block and dodge-roll type when playing Souls-likes then you may find it a bit too punishing, but if you love to parry then you’ll have a blast. The art direction is superb and its mysterious world is a fascinating place to explore. The creatures you meet are also very unique, particularly one boss who has the personality of a giant playful monkey who doesn’t know he’s harming the wildlife around him.

Download The Strayed Lights Beta Demo Here (Steam)