Street Lover – Game Jam Build Download

Street Lover is a very funny little Street Fighter parody game where the combatants embrace love rather than war.

Created for the GM48 game jam, in Street Lover you can choose from a selection of combatants then face off in 1v1 rounds against computer controlled opponents in battles of complements. You choose complements by selecting two separate statements from a menu and if they complement each other then you do extra love damage with your words.

It could do with some more dialogue options and an ending (at the moment it just loops back to the first combatant), but considering the time constraints of the jam Street Lover is a lot of fun and would be great for expanding on. The artwork is charming, the premise is delightfully silly and some of the writing is hilarious (particularly the descriptions of the various combatants). A wonderful little game that will dragon punch its way into your heart.

Download Street Lover Here (Windows)