Streets of Rogue – Alpha Download

streets of rogue

Streets of Rogue is a 2D top-down role-playing roguelite inspired by Nuclear Throne, The Binding of Isaac and Deus Ex that blends fast paced top down stealth combat with open ended mission design that gives players complete freedom to tackle them as they choose – with options including (but not limited to) full frontal assaults, stealth, distractions, hacking or just morphing into a giant and smashing everything to pieces!

Streets of Rogue is set in a fully-functioning procedurally generated city, inhabited by NPC’s with complex AI that allows them to go about their daily business.  You (and your friend if playing in co-op) are sent into the city to perform various types of missions, that can be tackled in a vast amount of different ways by utilizing your special character traits, items and the environment.  With over 40 different character types, randomly generated cities and a ridiculous amount of items/equipment at your disposal Streets of Rogue really does allow you to play the game any way you like, and has massive amounts of replayability.

With it’s superb pixel art visuals, great sense of humor, fun combat and fantastically open-ended gameplay, you’ll really want to be hitting these streets.  Just be warned – they hit back!

Download the Streets of Rogue Alpha Build Here