Strike Vector EX – Open Beta (Steam)

Strike Vector EX Download

Strike Vector EX is an intense futuristic aerial combat game with fast paced old school combat inspired by Crimson Skies, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, that sees you taking to the skies in transforming mech-inspired ships.

Strike Vector EX is actually an Unreal Engine 4-powered remake/sequel to the original warmly received Strike Vector which was released in 2014. As well as having a visual overhaul, it features a revamped control scheme, new features and gameplay modes – including a new single player story mode.

It’s a fun game with fast paced aerial combat that’s easy to pick up and play. The agility and manoeuvrability of the ships is fantastic, with you able to switch between mech-style blasting and strafing to boosting at high speeds in an instant. Due to this agility, the head-spinning chaos of the aerial dogfights can get dizzying at times, but it’s an exhilarating experience as soon as you set foot in your super-powered aircraft. Intense arena dogfights well worth strapping in for!

Check Out a Strike Vector EX Gameplay Video Here

Play The Strike Vector EX Open Beta Here (Steam)