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Stroling download

Strolling is a fun little Edgar Allan Poe inspired point and click adventure that takes place as you and a friend walk down a street, with you piecing together what your friend is thinking based entirely on his reactions to the people and scenery you pass.

After you and your friend walk wordlessly down the a street, seemingly out of the blue you say to him ‘Also, every time he sprayed deodorant his nipples would get hard!’. Oddly this is the perfect reply to what your friend was thinking at that time, but how did you know? Drawing inspirations from Detective Dupin’s ‘rationalization’ method of solving crimes in Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue, you must use the same method to explain how you know what your friend is thinking. You can scroll forwards and backwards in time and combine thoughts with the objects and people you pass to piece together your reasoning.

The mechanics can take a little getting used to, but once you’ve figured it out Strolling is a delightful little adventure, packed with beautiful artwork, great audio and an interesting narrative. A charming, funny and surprising little stroll with a friend.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Strolling Here (Windows & Mac)