Strong Fortress – Beta Demo

Strong Fortress features a unique and addictive blend of tower defense, RTS and twin-stick top-down shooting as you pilot a mech and defend a fortress from enemy attacks.

In Strong Fortress you are a mech pilot who is charged with guarding a fortress against waves of alien attacks. You can move your mech around and shoot as in a traditional top-down shooter, but to succeed you’ll also need to harvest resources and build a base.

You plan the building of your base prior to your missions starting, with you able to choose from a variety of structures that include defenses, resource harvesting and upgrades. Then when the mission starts you blast aliens, harvest resources and then stand over areas of your base and hold the spacebar to build the corresponding structures you previously selected. It’s a clever system that avoids you having to pause the action to mess around with building options during a mission.

The tutorials are a little long, so it takes a while to get into a full-on mission, but it’s a challenging and addictive game with some cleverly thought out game mechanics. A great blend of strategy and intense alien-blasting combat.

Download The Strong Fortress Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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