Stuck in a Muddle with You – Game Jam Build Download

Stuck in the muddle with you game

Stuck in a Muddle with You, the narrative prequel to Til Cows Tear Us Apart made for the Mystic Western Jam, is a wonderfully written adventure that sees you stuck in a desert with your clingy girlfriend and a nagging manifestation of your conscience.

Louise and Nora have landed on a desert planet, far away from where they previously came from. This desert is quite hot, but it’s away from the dangers that the two girls were faced with at the end of the last game. Even though they seem to be alone on this planet, Louise has her own problems she needs to face.

You play as Louise, deciding how she will handled the loss of her ship and the struggle between her emotions with Nora. At first, this seemed like a nice, quiet vacation for the two of you. After your ship is stolen though, things get real for you. From the start, you have made it clear that you were not in love with Nora, but just wanted someone to join you on the ship – to keep you company on the long space missions alone. Now, after so much time has passed, Nora has really fallen hard for you. Your consciousness, in the form of an alien man, keeps urging you to break up with her. You must decide how to handle the situation and how to make it off this planet without a ship.

Do you keep pretending you are in love with Nora? Or do you break it off, clean, while you are both stuck on a planet together?  There’s some very witty dialogue, unexpected encounters and nine different endings to discover while you find out!

Download Stuck in a Muddle with You Here (Win Only)