Stuck in a Pig – Game Jam Build Download

Stuck in a Pig Game Download

Stuck in a Pig, a charming, stylish and adorable adventure game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, has you playing a cute little pig who want’s to become a bull.

In Stuck in a Pig you are a small pig who lives on a rather large farm, full of animals and people who take care of it. You may look like a pig, but inside you feel like a bull, so you do not think you belong on the farm. This idea does get you in trouble, as the owners of the farm and other farm animals do not take your claims or feelings very seriously. You have thus decided to escape the farm and embrace your inner-bull, but the Principal taken your bull helmet, so you’ll need to make a new one before you make your escape.

The visual design in Stuck in a Pig is fantastic and exploring the farm is a joy thanks to the wonderfully eccentric characters you meet and the silly going’s  on there.  It’s a funny and endearing little adventure with a great little story and lots of quirky characters to meet.  A fabulous farmyard frolic about finding your inner bull.

Download Stuck in a Pig Here (Windows)