Study Lady (cookie mix) – Game Jam Build

Study Lady (cookie mix) is a charming little incremental clicker where you purchase upgrades that change the scene while listening to lo-fi beats and studying.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Study Lady (cookie mix) you watch a looping scene of a woman studying while her cat mischievously knocks over the glass of milk by her side. You can purchase upgrades for various different parts of the scene, which then alter the scene and earn you more currency for upgrades. As you progress you travel through three worlds, each of which is an alternate version of the main scene.

It’s a wonderful little game with lots of charm and character in its beautiful hand-drawn scenes. Watching each scene evolve as you purchase upgrades is a lot of fun and unlike most incremental clickers, it’s not too big of a time-sink, with you able to complete it in around 30 minutes. That’s a lot of spilled milk in 30 minutes though!

Play Study Lady Cookie Mix Here (Browser)