STUFFED – Open Beta (Steam)

STUFFED is a creepy Call of Duty: Zombies style first person shooter where a cute little teddy bear uses makeshift weapons to fight the waves of nightmares that are tormenting a girl.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, STUFFED is a cute but creepy take on the CoD: Zombies style survival shooter genre, where a little teddy bear takes on hordes of nightmares. The current build of STUFFED features solo and local split-screen co-op game modes and sees you trying to survive as long as possible and protect a little girl’s bedroom door from being destroyed by the nightmares.

The battle takes place in a procedurally generated house filled with rooms that you can unlock with points that you accrue. There’re a variety of different enemies to deal with, from hordes of cute looking garden gnomes to evil rubber ducks and shadow monsters. As in CoD: Zombies you can unlock a sizable arsenal of weapons by purchasing them from different points in the map. The weapons in question are charmingly makeshift, made up of elastic bands, soda cans, plastic tubes and all other kinds of random household objects, but they can certainly pack a punch!

It’s a great game that adds a welcome dose of charm and personality to the survival shooter genre. The playfulness of the weapon design is particularly enjoyable and the battles can get surprisingly intense. It’s down as a Demo in the Steam Store but it’s actually the game’s open Beta and will run until the 29th of July 12am BST.

Download The Stuffed Open Beta Here (Download the Demo)

Special thanks to TheRealMathyno for the heads up about this Beta!