Stuffed – Student Project Game

Stuffed is an adorable little 3D platforming adventure in which you help a cute little stuffed teddy bear rescue his friends from an evil wizard puppet.

In Stuffed you take control of a teddy bear who must make his way through a dangerous toy world and defeat a puppet wizard who has kidnapped his two best friends – a stuffed lion and a stuffed eagle. There are lots of hazards to avoid and enemies to defeat but you do have some useful tricks up your sleeve, in the form of a handy umbrella which you can use to zipline, attack and float through the air.

The gameplay in Stuffed is initially very easy and when combined with the cutesy visuals, makes it feel like a game aimed at younger audiences. There’s a lot for older audiences to appreciate though – particularly once you reach the second and third levels where you unlock more umbrella skills and the level design gets more challenging. Crucially the core platforming gameplay feels great, with tight controls and great level design that puts your skills to the test. A charming and cheerful platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download Stuffed Here (Windows & Mac)