Stuntfest: World Tour – Open Alpha

Stuntfest: World Tour is an extreme racing game where you can catapult yourself out of your car at any moment and fly through the air.

In Stuntfest: World Tour you’ll take part in adrenaline-fuelled races where vehicles are kinda optional. There are multiple different game modes, but the main one is stunt racing. This sees you racing around in cars like in a traditional racing game, but at any time you can press a button to catapult you from your car high up into the air.

While in the air you can glide or use a jetpack for a short time, and when you come into land you can either latch onto another player’s vehicle, jump into an unoccupied vehicle or spawn your own vehicle around you. This, combined with the fact that the tracks are packed full of shortcuts, mean that there are many different ways you can tackle each track.

Hopefully the full game will offer some single-player options (or even the ability to practice different tracks) and it would be nice to allow players to choose specific race types they want to play because some of them are no fun (gliding only and destruction derby). The actual stunt racing is a lot of fun though. It’s got a chaotic Motorstorm-esque energy and it’s a great feeling as you propel yourself from the vehicle, swoop through a shortcut and expertly land in a nearby car. Motor racing doesn’t get much more extreme than this!

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

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