Subdragon – Game Jam Build

subdragon game

Subdragon is a super cool pixel art side scrolling shooter in which you control a mechanical serpent that has impenetrable armor down one side and a line of guns down the other.

Inspired by the classic Atari ST game Saint Dragon, you control a mechanical serpent as it travels through the air and the sea, blasting anything that gets in its way. Your armored side is invincible to enemy fire, BUT if a enemy bullet hits the other side (with the guns) then you’ll die instantly. This means you have to manoeuvre your mecha-serpent to deflect enemy bullets then turn your whole body around to rain fire down on your enemies. This sounds tricky, but it’s surprisingly easy to get to grips with, especially as your guns auto-fire whenever they get within range. You can also hold the spacebar to lock your serpent in a particular shape, which comes in handy if you want to curl up into a bullet-proof ball.

The pixel art visuals are fantastic throughout Subdragon, and the soundtrack is a particular standout with infectious retro-infused beats that will really get your feet tapping. Thanks to this, the high level of polish and the unique gameplay, it really is a joy piloting your mechanical serpent through the perilous waters of Subdragon. Highly recommended.

Play Subdragon Here (Browser)

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