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sublevel zero

Sublevel Zero is a first person six-degree-of-freedom rogue-like shooter, that’s inspired by classic games like Descent and Forsaken, modernized with looting, crafting, procedural level generation, and an awesome 8-bit soundtrack.

The controls are smooth, you have a variety of weapons, the low-poly visuals are excellent and the 8-bit soundtrack is awesome.  There’s even Oculus Rift support if your brain can handle the 6DoF action.  Your aim is to navigate through the procedurally generated levels, blasting your way through enemies and blowing up the red reactors – be careful though, Sublevel Zero features permadeath so you only get one life!

The Game Jam build was created for Ludum 29 and the devs are gearing up for a full release on Steam soon.  We’d highly recommend following it’s progress as the latest gameplay footage looks fantastic.  We were beginning to think that games like Descent had been forsaken, but Sublevel Zero looks set to bring them back with a procedurally generated bang – we can’t wait.

Check out the new version, filled with neonic pew pews, releasing soon HERE

Download or Play Game Jam Build HERE

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