Substream – Beta Download

substream 1

Substream is a mind-bending shooter in which the game world morphs and pulses along with the excellent soundtrack and you fight alongside infinite copies of yourself against squadrons of enemies stretching into infinity.

The basic premise of Substream is the same as most shooters – fly along and shoot stuff for points.  Substream has a few fantastic tricks up it’s sleeve though, not least of which is the fact that you’re flying alongside an infinite number of copies of yourself that mimic your movement and attacks.  You, and the infinite copies of you fight against similarly cloned rows of enemies, stretching left and right into infinity.  As well as looking ridiculously cool, this means that it you shoot the enemy directly in front of you, all of your copies will shoot the enemies directly in-front of them too.  Similarly, shoot an enemy to the right of you and your copies will shoot enemies to the right of you.  It’s a clever concept that takes a little while to get your head around but is very impressive when seen in action.

As well as the infinite space-looping madness, Substream also impresses with its audio and visual design.  Entire environments move, flow and pulse in synchronisation with the soundtrack, creating an ambience that’s fondly reminiscent of Rez – elevating the game’s simple shooter combat into something magical – a vibrant shooter that bombards your senses and melts your brain.  Forget LSD, if you really want to trip balls, just play Substream for five minutes!

Check Out The Greenlight Page Here

Download The Substream Beta Here (Windows)