Subterrain – Alpha download


Subterrain is a very well made zombie survival game that’s more of a top down DayZ than a an arcade zombie blaster.

There is some gunplay in Subterrain, but as with DayZ, it’s more about survival, with limited supplies you need to eat, drink, sleep, scavenge and craft items in order to survive this zombie infested underground city.  Food, water, medical supplies and (most importantly) weaponry are littered around the areas, all helping you to survive that little bit longer.  The inventory system may take a little getting used to, but once you realise that everything has to be equipped to the 1-5 hotkeys before they can be used(even bullets), then it’s no problem at all (and certainly way easier than DayZ!).

Still early in development, the game already looks fantastic, with dank gloomy rooms full of great little details and lots of lurking zombies.  It’s a tough game, you’ll have to plan, scavenge, ration and fight to survive, but nobody said the surviving a zombie apocalypse would be easy!

Watch us get maimed by zombies HERE

Download the Subterrain Alpha HERE (Use F1 to Save & Sleep)