Sugar Overkill: Arena – Beta Download

Sugar Overkill: Arena is a fast paced 2D pixel art action platforming arena shooter that plays like a vastly upgraded and expanded version of Super Crate Box, as you collect stackable upgrades blast candy mutants in post-apocalyptic world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Closed Beta sign up, Sugar Overkill: Arena is an 2D arena shooter where you control a variety of bounty hunters who hunt powerful bosses for cash. Before each battle you can hang out in a bar area where you can pick one of the uniquely skilled playable characters, buy passive boosts from the barman and accept contracts to kill certain candy mutants.

The combat takes place in large arenas with enemies spawning from random portals. Killing enemies and destroying portals earns you “Candy-ups” – stackable power-ups that can vastly upgrade your weaponry and help charge your powerful “Sugar Overkill” ability. Once you reach the required point score for a level then the bounty target (a boss) will appear and you can then eliminate them to complete your contract.

It’s a fun game, with vibrant pixel art visuals, lots of power-ups to collect and lots of fast paced candy mutant blasting gameplay. A great bit of sugary shooting arcade action – just be sure to brush your teeth afterwards!

Download The Sugar Overkill: Arena Beta Here (Windows)