Sugar Overkill Arena – Prototype Download

Sugar Overkill Arena is a fast paced 2D arena platform shooter that plays a little like Super Crate Box, but with a large selection of stackable power-ups.

In Sugar Overkill Arena you start in the arena with a basic gun which you use to blast enemies which spawn from randomly located portals. However, as you blast your way through the enemies some of them will drop power-ups for you to collect. Like Super Crate Box, you have no idea what the power-up is before you collect it, but unlike Super Crate Box, it doesn’t replace your current weapon, it will upgrade it or modify it with stackable upgrades.

Your aim is to survive for as long as possible against the swarms of enemies and powerful bosses, collecting upgrades which slowly turn your gun into a real weapon of mass destruction. It’s not perfect – there’s is one power-up that can totally ruin your run (the 360! power-up which just sprays your bullets randomly around you), but if you manage to avoid that power-up then it’s great fun causing carnage and attempting to survive as long as possible. Fast paced action platforming fun with a super duper upgradeable gun.

Note: At time of writing Sugar Overkill Arena doesn’t support QWERTY (WASD) controls. It works perfectly well with a control pad though.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sugar Overkill Arena Prototype (Windows)