SULFUR – Beta Demo

SULFUR is a stylish low poly FPS action adventure where you search for redemption in a very deep cave system.

In SULFUR you are a mysterious stranger with no memory and a strange talking talisman. The game starts with you thriving up to the entrance of a vast cave system and to find answers you’ll need to explore its depths. Along the way you’ll gear up with equipment and guns, find treasure, discover secrets, blast monsters and meet strangers. The game also promises to cater for different playstyles and you can even choose to deal with creatures you meet in different ways (charm, threat, bribe or kill).

It’s a fun game with a great cartoony art style, satisfying combat, a good sense of humor and gameplay that’s not just mindless run ‘n gunning. See what you find in the depths of SULFUR!

Download The SULFUR Beta Demo Here (Steam)