Summer Catchers – Alpha Demo

Summer Catchers Game

Summer Catchers is a charming 2D arcade adventure racing game in which you play as a little girl who wants to travel far from her icy northern homeland so that she can see a sunny summer for the first time in her life.

After purchasing a car from a talking wolf, you set out on your grand adventure across a world filled with beautiful pixel art and interesting characters inspired by folklore and mythology of the northern tribes. As you speed across the countryside, you don’t control the car directly, instead you modify it with tools to overcome obstacles and complete tasks for characters.

As well as the excellent pixel art and fun gameplay, the music of Summer Catchers is a particular highlight, with cheerful, catchy tunes that are reminiscent of classic Sonic soundtracks. It’s still early in development, but Summer Catchers is shaping up very nicely – and addictive arcade racing adventure, with lush visuals, great audio and a world that’s a joy to explore.

Download the Summer Catchers Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)