SUMMERHOUSE is a delightfully chilled out building game where you construct houses in idyllic locations with no rules or restrictions.

There’s no goal, time limit or fail state in SUMMERHOUSE, it’s simply a charming little game that lets you enjoy the pleasure of building beautiful houses in beautiful locations. It’s a 2.5D game (so you don’t have to stress about making everything fit together in 3D), and to build you simply select a piece and drop it down. There’s a nice selection of construction pieces available and it has a cool little feature that allows you to see your house being rebuilt quickly from the ground up at any time.

It’s a simple, stylish and wonderfully tranquil experience that’s perfect for unwinding too (especially thanks to the chilled lofi soundtrack). You can knock up a building in under a minute, but you can create some lived-in masterpieces if you take a little more time. Highly recommended.

Download The SUMMERHOUSE Beta Demo Here (Steam)