Summit – Student Game

Summit is a third person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your ability to create elastic bonds between objects to help you climb the ruins of a mysterious old tower.

In Summit your character has the ability to shoot out little attachments which can link objects together with an elastic forcefield and draw them together. This is primarily used for moving large blue blocks around the environment. The blocks have a variety of uses, such as pressing switches and being used as platformers and you can maneuver them with a surprising amount of accuracy once you get to grips with the mechanics.

Summit has a very open level design that allows you to solve puzzles and traverse the world in a variety of different ways. It’s nice that it allows the player to experiment, but it can also lead to some confusion now and again when you’re not sure where you’re supposed to go or even end up on a route that takes you backwards. There is also a big boss fight at the end that’s infuriatingly tough and requires a level of agility that’s really not possible with your character’s floaty controls.

Aside from the boss and the occasional lack of direction, Summit is a great little game. The visuals are beautiful and the freeform approach to the puzzle design is great fun. A summit well worth climbing.

Download Summit Here (Windows)