Sunblaze – Beta Demo

Sunblaze is a charming and brutally touch 2D precision splatformer that takes place within a massive morphing single-screen cyberspace.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the beta sign up, Sunblaze is a hardcore precision platformer tat draws inspiration from Celeste and follows a young woman called Josie (aka. Sunblaze) who finds herself trapped inside her father’s superhero training simulator. She’s inexperienced, but she’s fast and agile, with the ability to hang from ledges, double jump, wall-slide and air-dash. To progress you need to collect the computer chips in each single-screen level, and when you do the level magically morphs around you to instantly show the next one.

The current build of Sunblaze takes around an hour to play through and you’ll die many times as it’s a tough (but fair) game. Fails aren’t too frustrating as restarts are instant and each level can usually be played through in seconds. The levels are very well crafted, filled with activatable hazards and moving parts that you have to figure out the optimal route through. They don’t just test your platforming skills but your puzzle solving too.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic platformer, with a fun story, likeable characters, fluid gameplay and some incredibly inventive level design. The way each level morphs into the next one is a fantastic touch and it makes for a game that’s very hard to put down – after-all, once you’ve seen a level how can you not try to beat it?!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Sunblaze Beta Demo Here (Steam)