Sunflower Bubble Pop – Game Jam Build Download

sunflower bubble pop game

Sunflower Bubble Pop, a charming and addictive precision clicking arcade game made for the Grow Jam, sees you protecting your little sunflower from asteroids and collecting sun to help it grow.

In Sunflower Bubble Pop a sunflower needs your help to grow as big is it possibly can! To grow, the sunflower needs sun, of course, so you will need to click bubbles to gain sunlight from them. As you pop the sun out of the bubbles, you gain this sunlight to then spend them in the store and inso increase the size of your sunflower. The store has upgrades that give you sunlight per second or per bubble click, extra hearts, or damage points so you can protect the flower.

You may think sunflowers don’t need much protecting, but this sunflower is being attacked by asteroids. Over time, these asteroids get bigger, so you will need to do more damage to stop them from ruining your flowers lovely petals. You will also get gusts of wind that bring pollen to your flower – giving you more sunlight per minute.

You can turn the pot to see the world under different angles of light – which can become helpful if you find it hard to see asteroids. Sunflower Bubble Pop is really adorable and addictive, with charming pixel art visuals and cheery chip tune music to accompany you as you lovingly take care of this little flower pot.

Download Sunflower Bubble Pop Here (Windows)